45 minutes – 1 hour Lessons

Required to control your own horse and be confident with more than one horse in a lesson. Children of similar ages and abilities are combined in a group.


  • 1x per week = R700 per month
  • 2x per week = R1300 per month

30 Minute Lessons

Beginner lessons from ages of 7+. Learn the basics and how to control a horse in a one on one environment.


  • 1x per week = R800
  • 2x per week = R1500 

15 Minute Lessons

Lessons from ages 2-7.


  • 1x per week = R400 
  • 2x per week = R700 

PLEASE NOTE: Outrides take place on Saturdays only between 11am – 12pm.

Pre-book your outride. Anyone is welcome, no riding experience required.


  • R200 per person

For any queries or booking of lessons contact Jessica our Riding School Manager on 079 495 7978 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.


Sweet and as good as gold, your child cannot go wrong learning how to ride on a Weltmeyer pony! Your child will also be able to “book” a pony to compete in the SANESA school shows, should they want to.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent on a saddle

Winston Churchill


Anya - Head Instructor

Anya is our head instructor. She is one of the original Meyer daughters.

Anya has her qualification in NDip Equine science and has competed in the highest level in South African Show Jumping.

She has jumped in the 1.50m Derby class on her heart horse, Alzu Orissa and jumped numerous Grand Prix’S and World Cup classes on Alzu Lombard.

On top of all of that she is kind, brave and thoughtful. She is a one of a kind at our yard.

She has produced many horses from novice and beginner, through her expert skill has made them top horses. As well as that through her teaching has produced many top riders of junior and adult level. She teaches our private competitive riders.

Anya is the inspiration at the yard. We all want to achieve her level of riding success.

Bernice - Stable Manager

Bernice, known to all at the yard as “Aunty B” is the back bone of our livery side. She is a qualified nurse but hung up the scrubs to pursue her passion in horses. She’s been apart of the horse world for 37 years.

B has been at Weltmeyer for almost 19 years. She began teaching Riding school part time on a Saturday 14 years ago. She became our stable yard manager in 2014 and overseas all areas pertaining to the horses. She is kind to her staff and encourages a healthy and understanding work environment.

Bernice teaches our livery group lessons and really is the mommy of the yard. Our yard wouldn’t operate without her.

JESS - Riding School Manager

Jess has been a horse lover since she was 3 years old. She began focusing on her riding and competing for her school, Jeppe girls in 2015. Jess moved from her old stable yard to ours in July 2016.

She matriculated in 2018 where she was still apart of the riding school. On her gap year in 2019 she was offered a student position with us, she blossomed and flourished and was soon promoted to assistant, stable hand and now is successfully running our riding school. Jess teaches our beginners and advanced group lessons. She also handles all booking and enquiries.

Jess is currently doing her EQASA modules and schooling her 6 year old, off the track thoroughbred , Ace.

Her teaching and training methods are based on kindness, patience and understanding. It is through these principals our riding school is flourishing.

Jen - Student

Jennifer has been with us since March 2020. She is currently working as our student, during her studentship with us she began teaching beginner private lessons.

Jen also started in the ridding school when she was 13 years old.
In 2015 she bought her first horse Aquila.

She matriculated in 2017 from Jeppe Girls, and is currently studying Equine Sciences at Tswane University of Technology.

She is now helping us school a 3 year old TB mare named Mellow.

Jen is sweet, kind and her heart of gold is what sets her apart. Her students adore and trust her.
She is a big part of our riding school and it wouldn’t function without her.

Dumi - Riding School Instructor

Dumi started as a groom for us in 2012,
his passion for teaching and nurturing was quickly noticed. He began teaching beginners private lessons from the age of 7 and up in 2013.

Dumi is currently qualified in his EQASA modules up to level 4. Dumi still works as a groom and work rider in the mornings and teaches his students in the afternoon.

He is an essential stepping stone in the riding school, he sees you through your first canter and jumps he is the building block of your future riding career.

Philani - Riding School Instructor

Philani, started working as a groom in 2013. He isn’t a rider himself however his incredible love for his horses is what sets him apart.

He and his side kick CB, teach all our little ones.
He teaches our 15 min private lessons from the age of 2 to 7. His students love him and CB to bits and pieces, philani goes out of his was to look after all his kids and make sure CB gets the best treats around.

Philani is currently qualified up to level 3 in his EQASA modules.

Philani’s love for his job and students is seen in every lesson he teaches. He makes all the clients and all his co workers day- just a little bit better.

Front From Left to Right
Philani, Dumi, Jen, Jess, Bernice, Anya
Guest Instructor Dominey Alexander